Pizza Menu

Create your own (per topping)£0.70£0.80£1.00
Ham & Mushroom£5.50£7.50£9.99
Hawaiian Paradise£5.50£7.50£9.99
Veggie Inferno£5.00£7.00£10.50
Farmhouse £5.00£7.00£10.50
BBQ Beef/Chicken£5.50£7.50£10.50
Pepperoni Plus£5.50£7.50£10.50
The Brunch£5.50£7.50£10.50
Flamethrower ***£5.50£7.50£10.50
Meat Supreme£5.50£7.50£10.50
Peri Peri Chicken *£5.50£7.50£10.50
Garlic Bread£3.50£4.50£7.00
Cheesy Garlic Bread£4.50£5.50£8.00

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We are pleased to announce that we are re-opening.

To be able to keep ourselves and our customers safe we have had to make some changes on how we operate due to only having minimum amount of staff and because of social distancing. Please click the button below to find the changes: